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Extreme Workshops & Mentalism Show

There are certain things in life that feel impossible. And that my friends… is about to change.

Extreme Workshops, Mind-reading shows, available throughout Israel and everywhere airplanes land.

Experience walking on glass barefoot breaking an arrow with your neck walking on fire (coming soon) breaking a flaming board with your bare hands

Choose how to ignite the imagination of your guests

Mystery Mind-Reading Show

In his show – Lior combines the power of mystery and mind reading – to create incredible moments that will change your perspective forever about what’s possible.
The show combines the power of human connection, imagination and with a touch of energy of treacherous fire – to make your guest see the impossible as possible.
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Life-Changing Virtual Show

Your team is working from home and you can’t remember the last time you needed to buy cookies for the coffee place in the office? You KNOW without being a mind reader that some of the employees are not wearing any pants during company meetings? Tired of seeing people’s motivation tanking as that can’t be good for overall productivity, right?
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Fear-Defying Workshops

Experience a life-altering workshop with Lior
These workshops can be a great milestone for you
Whether it’s a workshop for your team at work
Or you actually are into learning a new skill for life
Either way Lior will guide you through the journey personally.

Want to live the dragon way and learn the secrets of fire?
Want to get your team to defy fear through extreme experiences?
Talk with Lior now to get all the available options!
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What is Lior’s mentalism show

Lior’s fire and mystery shows are available both in Israel where he is located – and worldwide.

His skills as a Mentalist and Mind Reader allows him to leave your audience mesmerized and speechless combining unbelievable stunts – that show the raw power of our minds and body.

Think about it this way – it’s like taking the sophistication of a mind reading show, in which Lior can find out people your sister forgot she even dated, and adding to it the captivating power of flames (coming right from Lior’s mouth and burning his hands without even leaving a mark).

Lior’s amazing show has a scorching strong message – YOUR MESSAGE. Each show is customized in the most entertaining way and is 110% unique – as Lior goes above and beyond adding safety of the body and of the mind to make sure no one will be able to stop talking about you and your HOT event.

“We booked Lior because we looked for a great mind reading show… and then the next day once the event was done I kept getting tons of text messages with and of

In Liors mystery show – Lior shows just how far we can go and create a world where imagination becomes reality. Things you think you see are illusions. Things you feel and hold change form or bend. Every secret is accessible in a safe and funny environment. The audience participation is where it all comes together as a high impact experience.

You will feel you have the power to bend bits of reality – in a way that will help you forget all that is cold in the world, and feel light of our beautiful life force. People’s perspectives change as we all experience a feeling of positivity and resilience. We suddenly all feel like we are one. We went through something amazing, and we did it together.

The show runs usually for 45 minutes and it can make your event a smashing success. To secure a date and book the show, contact us now

Book Lior’s show to your next event and make it an unforgettable blast,


Fear-Defying workshops

The courage to overcome fear

Imagine your entire management, or your sales team, successfully participating in activities you only heard of… In Spite of fear and the urge to start in the safe zone – they work separately and together and turn the impossible into a reality that is what you can expect when you experience an empowerment workshop by Lior Littman – an internationally acclaimed fire expert.

This is a unique opportunity to give your team a custom-made experience, tailored to your needs. The fear of fire – is a natural healthy fear – but so is the fear of leading your market and crafting a killer game-changer offer. That’s why – no matter where you are on the fear scale, maybe you love the extreme, or always feared fire and secretly desire a life-altering experience – either wat thus workshop will open up the road to new courage-induced possibilities.

How do you like your fire?

Lior has an arsenal of activities – that will bring you closer to your goals.
Take your management to the next level – with an experience that crashes and burns your limiting beliefs.
Imagine your managers

Breaking a flaming board with their bare hands.

Walk on sharp broken glass on a 2 meter’s course
Walking on fire just like on Tony Robbins’ seminars
Lior’s fire and Empowerment workshop are the opportunity you have been waiting for. .

Who Is it For?

Lior’s fire and Empowerment workshop are the opportunity you have been waiting for. .


If you are an artist that wants to add fire to your show – Lior’s fire eating Masterclass is where you will learn all of the secrets behind controlling flames.
Artist’s from all around the world come to Lior’s workshops and classes – From USA , UK, Asia and even Australia!
They have Learned from Lior and recommend his workshops without hesitation!


Managers who wish to experience Firewalking, just like they saw on Tony Robbins’ famous Seminars – but without investing enormous amounts of money on flights and hotels.

Sales Team

Salespeople that want to overcome any fear residue that they still have inside them – can experience one of 7 different empowerment activities like breaking an arrow with their throat, board and brick breaking – glass-walking , etc.

World Renowned Fire Circus Recruited Lior Littman

Flamewater circus is the world’s most renowned fire crew and only the best performers are hand picked to join and perform with them.
While the crews expertise is fire – it is made of a variety of skilled individuals – varying from Fire Artists – Circus Artists – Magicians and Mystery Performers based around the world and always are ready to amaze the crowds!

Qualifying for the circus required rigorous tests on the artform, including it’s more important underlying skill – flame-safety. Lior was chosen as the only representative of the circus within the entire Middle East so… Salutes, Ahalan Vesahalan, Shalom – and be ready for a super HOT show!

Private parties – Weddings
– Family gatherings

Got a family event coming up? A birthday? a wedding? No matter how big or small your personal event is there is one thing in common… You want your family and friends to have a GREAT time. And I think you want it to be memorable. Don’t you?

Even especially… special. Am I right?
So this is where I come into your plan – with an up-close, mind magic, strolling performance.
Your guest will feel the astonishment at the dinner party, see their friend’s mind being read as if it’s connected to google. It’s so funny to see the magic happen in your own hands!

The close up service works like this:
Flexible – according to your event schedule
Reception Magic – I can attend for about 45 minutes and add fun to the wait time
Table Hopping Mentalism – have me entertain your guests throughout the event
Enjoy a close up performance for you, your friends and your family.
Give Lior a call and make the event unforgettable!


“Lior was one of the most positive, fun, & empowering experiences I’ve had in my entire LIFE.”

Rhianah Harleigh D’Angelo

“His easy going personality made this one of the most positive experiences in my life!- If you want an awesome, safe, and very informative fire eating experience, Lior is definitely your man!!”

– April Jessica

“Such a talented fire
performer definitely recommend this guy”

– Michelle Treves

about Lior

Deep inside you know – adding mystery to your event is going to make some powerful memories to the people you love. And fire and mentalism seems like the safest bet, right? You might be thinking… isn’t Lior too busy… traveling the world performing as a part of the Flamewater circus?

For a limited time… you can actually now book Lior in Israel and astonish your audience with his amazing fire mental skills – leaving a lifetime impression that they will never forget.

Have you ever heard of the Flamewater circus crew? There are rumors they only take in the best, most skilled virtuoso performers and let me tell you… and you be the judge. The ONLY middle east performer in the entire crew is from Israel and his name is Lior Littman.


Here is what Lior adds to your event:

Fire eating skills – Lior is the most experienced fire eater around that his peers often learn in his fire eating workshops in israel.
Memories guaranteed – even celebrity singers user Lior to add some flames to their videos check the gallery to
see some of Lior’s work!
Make it count – your event can entertain people in a meaningful way – a way that will make everyone enjoy your event – while connecting to each other and to the imagination triggered by the amazing possibilities of Lior’s Mentalism show.

Not convinced yet? Check out what else Lior can do for your event:
Add acts only heard of in fairy tales

  • PLior will get into people’s heads and will find information no one ever knew!
  • PLior is able to manipulate the flame without getting burned.
  • PLior will risk his health and safety for your entertainment- he will walk on broken glass - break an arrow using only his...throat.
  • PLior ups the ante with amazing dragon-like fiery stunts!

Lior was trained by the best fire eaters and mentalists in the universe. This is what it means he will bring to your event:


When dealing with fire and other sideshow acts – safety is always the number one priority – so the question you might have running around in your head is… is Lior an insured fire performer? You bet! And it goes even further. Lior is also always mindful of the surrounding and works with a rigorous safety checklist based on strict standards. Lior creates a safe space to explore the possibilities we never thought existed.


We were taught that fire is dangerous – and people’s emotions are easily invoked in the vicinity of danger. People will be involved, excited, empowered, shocked and in awe. Wanna see how the combination of superhuman sideshow skills combined with master fire-eating abilities make people feel? You will find out soon, as you book Lior to astound your audiences. They say – there is no such thing as cold fire in a fire show and they are right… your audience will always feel the heat!

Create a life time experience for your audience in a way you’ve never seen before with Lior’s Fire and Mentalism Shows!


Your guests will be amazed as Lior will reveal the biggest goal of one of your guest, and who is the most surprising person who will try to stop her from getting there
Influence your audience to remember your event for a lifetime with Lior’s psychological entertaining influence abilities (seriously, no one ever have seen the show and forgot it ever)
Watch as Lior creates nearly impossible coincidences – as he leaves both you and your loved ones mesmerized, excited and apparently share the exact same level of enhanced empathy.
Connect all of your guests, family members, co-workers and loved ones together with the incredible power of genuine human connection
and some dark magic too!

so how does one become a fire wizard?!

Lior’s skill is all about mastering the elements. Imagine Lior getting lost in a desert festival , a few hours before sunrise in the middle of nowhere- he finds a group of fire performers – and connects immediately , Lior was enchanted by the fire arts – and decided to become one of them -So his journey began.
After he joined and was part of the fire tribe , he decided to go a step further and travel around the world to learn from the worldwide masters- where he leaned to master his skills – as part of his travels he met a variety of people – who you would think only exist in fairytales – fire benders and wizards – who were willing to teach him their ways- Lior is one the very few humans around the world who have mastered these arts – and now you have a chance to witness and feel the amazement – that Lior worked so hard to achieve
Create a life time experience for your audience in a way you’ve never seen before with Lior’s Fire and Mentalism Shows!


Here’s a taste of Lior’s art!

Want a glance into the future? Here’s what your Guests will say after having a blast in your event!

Burning Questions and their Answers

Is the show safe for my audience and venue?

Yes. I always make sure all the safety conditions are met before every fire stunt I do.
I will always share with you all the details of the safety needs, in advance.
That is why I got accepted to join Flamewater Circus – where safety is always the number one priority .

Where can you perform?
I am currently located in Israel and perform here, naturally I also perform overseas – on some cases there are extra travel expenses to consider when booking me.
The show is definitely worth it big time.
What are side show acts and is it really dangerous?
Sideshow is an ancient art which you have probably never seen up close and in such a powerful way. It’s a very dangerous form of entertainment where the performer will risk his life and health just for you! Isn’t that cool?
The danger is real – and what you see is what is happening.
The good news are that I have trained for years so I can perform some of the art’s best acts safely – and the crowd is always amazed – thrilled and eventually relieved.
This makes the show a really exciting and bonding roller coaster ride.
Do you work with Hot or Cold Fire?
Within the fire community – performers and artists are strictly against the idea of cold fire.
The way I see it – there is no such thing.
Have you ever touched a burning torch or firework?
I work with flames – they move from place to place – extinguish and relight using my mouth and body – It’s insane! And yes – It’s crazy hot.
Safety wize – my insurance covers all that I do and safety is always the number one priority in everything I do.
How do you do it?

I’ve learned from the best in the business – and around the world .
I went through different long processes – some demanded different sacrifices – but as an artist – I will do everything it takes to get you the best shows possible – full of exciting surprises.
Everything you see in my shows is based on three different skills

  • Illusions – I will confuse you – fool you and make you wonder if what you see or think is even real – because the idea of enjoying a mentalism show – is to let go and enjoy the ride!
  • Mental agility and understanding of the human mind – after years of training and practice – I’ve learned a lot about how people think and act – and how they show what they think and feel – using non verbal and verbal communication. I can tell more about you than you might think you know about yourself, and even change that – always with the best intentions to create the best outcome. In shows, and in life.
    Want to know how that feels? Give me a call and find out.
  • Physical abilities – in order to perform some of my stunts – I had to give up netflix binge watching (and I will do it again), to travel around the world and take part in very special and rare retreats and practice like crazy.
    You’re welcome.
Does the show have to be outdoors? or indoors?
The show is mostly suitable for both – with the preference to have my fire acts indoors . Give me a call and let’s figure out the best way I can build the show for your needs!
Is the show suitable for children ?
The show is written with the adult audience in mind – although all the content is clean. So if there are kids around, there is nothing to worry about – but they might not fully understand parts of it.

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