Time to get Lit. Virtually!



Surprise your employees with a show that gets them stay focused and engaged

2020 has caught us off guard and stuck at home – so many changes have occurred in your business. Working from home is not so easy and your employees miss the normal human interaction.

It’s time to remind your employees that working for your company is the best thing ever. Transform the working from home hours into a theatre of mystery experience!

In our virtual show, even the shyest enjoy a first-row seat.
As you get to watch what most people only heard of – a live demonstration of mind reading, in scale.
and other mentalism acts of bewilderment.

what is a virtual show

With a few clicks – you and your team will get to experience an extraordinary Virtual Event.

This can often last anything between 20 to 60 minutes and can be done through Zoom (or any other platform).

A virtual mind reading experience is something you have never seen before. Imagine all of the employees holding a card facing them and Lior can call out each name and say what card he is holding.

Imagine-everyone choosing where the 2022 big company vacation is going to be.

Imagine the resort’s name was written a day in advance on a piece of paper. It was put inside an envelope and that envelow was clearly visible during the entire show.

Imagine – Watching from home – and seeing Lior reveal the name of your employer’s first love –

and what does your client is really into in life.

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and get the most mind-blowing experience from the comfort of your home office!

why go virtual?

Raising employees motivation and productivity is sooooo much easier with this.
  • PHate it when someone taller is sitting in front of you and you can’t see?
  • PTired of watching your best employees fall asleep during another zoom Meeting
  • PCan’t explain to the boss why productivity is down by 12.7%?

With virtual, everyone is in the first row and are getting VIP seats. Including YOU!

Whether it’s 5, 15, or 150 people (or more) – you and your team will get the experience that will make their week.

Long long meetings and virtual events are no longer an option. Time to fill up the company’s slack channel with smiles, emojis, and compliments – your employees will never stop talking about how much fun they had!
The show is super interactive – it’s all in the employees’ hands and you make the magic happen.

Want to learn the prices of each package?

Burning Questions and
their Answers

1. Do I need to set up anything on my end before Lior’s Virtual Show?

We can use either my zoom or yours, depending on your needs. If we will use your zoom account you will need to make the co-host.
During the show itself, you will not need to do anything except sit back and enjoy the show.

2. How long is the Virtual Show?
Depending on your needs. Lior will make you a custom-made show – varying from 20 minutes and up to 45 minutes, made precisely for your schedule needs
3. Can you perform the show on any meeting platform including Webex or Teams?
Yes. The show can be presented through any video call platform, all around the world –
all you need is an internet connection and a camera.
4. Will there be any food and parking expenses added to our bill?
No! You are not paying for transportation or accommodation.
You are only paying for the show!
5. How much is the show?
There are two different ways to learn the price.
Either in an email with all details and options.
or in a meeting with me where I will show some of the effects that I use in the show.
To schedule the meeting click here.

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