Terms and conditions when taking part of a fire workshop with lior

when participating in a workshop with Lior – there are several things that are important to keep in mind!


Welcome to Lior’s fire workshop!
Before we begin its important to go through some rules in order for us to be able to be safe and enjoy the workshop.

By signing up , and participating in this fire workshop, you agree to the following rules.

– in all times I will listen and follow All instructions that will be given to me or to the group by Lior or any other instructors in his behalf.
If I fail to do so, and Lior considers my behavior a threat to safety, I understand that Lior has the right to stop my participation in the workshop, and ask me to leave with no Refund.

– I understand that fire is dangerous, and that I am here to learn how to minimize the dangers, but there’s always risk, even during the workshop.

Lior will take no responsibility for any case of damage to property or any human being. During or after the workshop, when we play with fire, we might get burned, if that’s a risk you’re not willing to take, you shouldn’t play with fire.



Any videos taken during the workshop and are posted on social media must tag Lior and mention his workshop.

Lior will be taking videos for marketing purposes during the workshop, and might share them publicly, or privately with you or others, if you wish to not be on any public videos, please let Lior know.

All participants in the workshop must be completely sober! And not use any substance that might affect their judgment.

Following all safety protocols is important in order for us to have fun and learn the best way possible! So please make sure you do.

If you don’t follow any one of these rules, Lior will ask you to leave. With no refunds.