are you ready to be set on fire?

Unleash Your Inner Fire: Master Fire Eating, Breathing, and Walking

with Grant Harris and Lior Littman 

On MAY 26th – 28th

Lior Littman is coming to southern Illinois on Memorial Day weekend, joining Grant Harris, an empowerment speaker, to create the ultimate fire experience. They’ll take you on a journey to 

  • conquer fears, 
  • master the arts of fire eating and 
  • manipulate flames like a true fire bender.

This is your opportunity to learn everything about the nitty-gritty of fire eating. We’ll be pushing you to the limit of what is possible physically and mentally. But actually, nothing is impossible if you have these two powerful mentors together.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to eat fire and amaze your audiences, use fire manipulation to captivate your crowd, and feel empowered to pursue your passion.

Grant Harris will guide you through transformational activities.

Unlock the door for opportunities to trust yourself, others, face fears, and overcome anxiety in life situations. We’ve prepared incredible activities like the 

  • The group trust challenge 
  • The Arrow Snap
  • The barehanded board break

You will learn captivating skills that will make you the star of any party. 

But it’s not just about looking cool and HOT – 

It’s also about understanding how to control fire and produce a one-of-a-kind performance your audience can’t get enough of.



Fire eating is an art form that can take years of practice to master.

But in the space of just a few days, Lior will help you get started on your way toward total mastery.

This is your chance to gain insider knowledge from one of the world’s top fire-eating instructors and learn how it’s done. Don’t miss out!


Three-hour workshop of the three basic fire eating techniques


A full-day experience of advanced fire-eating techniques together with the level one experience


Get all the benefits of levels 1 & 2 plus an extra day of learning the art of fire. But wait, there’s more! You get access to online materials and other resources from Lior.

Day one

Trust the Fire

Welcome to Day One of, a four-hour workshop on the basics of fire eating.Follower with Grant’s famous Trust experience.

You will discover the three fundamental moves that makeup 90% of all fire-eating tricks.


Lior will give you all the necessary safety information for dealing with the fire professionally and help you understand how to control it, while Grant will lead you through the ultimate Trust challenge. Showing you how to Transform the fear of fire into fuel to ignite personal growth and trust yourself. 

This workshop has a limited number of spots, so book early to avoid disappointment – and, of course, early birds get discounted prices.

This includes lunch and snacks throughout the day

The full price for the workshop is $497.

Sign up now! 


Pay with a payment plan of $99 for 5 months 

The Full 2-Day Experience 

Enhanced Fire Skills & Empowerment

Progressing to the next level – Learn vapor tricks and more advanced fire techniques.

Gaining confidence through the arrow break- a transformative exercise in overcoming resistance.

It’s about practice, progress, and improving your skills!

Get a full-day experience of advanced fire-eating techniques, building on the first day teachings.

Here’s what you will have access to:

  • Advanced fire-eating techniques led by the expert fire instructor Lior.
  • The famous arrow break activity – empower through the resistance with Grant.
  • The secrets of performing amazing vapor tricks and advanced jellyfish techniques.
  • Valuable tips on fire photography so that you can capture your performances in all their blazing glory
  • Routine building and combo creation so that you can put on a truly impressive show


Heard of the Arrow break before?

This is an activity of breaking an arrow using your neck that will show participants how to push through resistance. You will learn how to find power in situations that make us feel vulnerable through a positive mindset. 


Day 2 will end with a fun Fire Jam implementing everything we learned and more – get cool videos and memories around the campfire.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best and take your fire-eating skills and personal empowerment to new heights .

This 2-day experience includes lunch and snacks throughout the day and overnight camping spots available on site (with indoor alternative if needed)

$ 777 

Or split to 15 months of 55$ payments! 

The Full 3 Day Experience 

The Full Masterclass Journey

Take a BIG leap, and dive into the flames!

Are you ready to take your fire art to the highest level?

Then this is the workshop for you! we are offering the most comprehensive workshop on fire arts available.

Sign up for the 3 day experience and get ALL the benefits of the first two days, PLUS you’ll also get Lior’s most comprehensive Fire Breathing Workshop – worth $500.

Participating in the transformative Fire walk led by Grant in this once of a life-time occasion. 

The Fire Breathing workshop is perfect for beginners who have never breathed fire before and want to learn how to do it safely. 

This covers all the safety aspects of one of the most dangerous and deadly arts a fire artist can learn.

It’s also perfect for you if you have breathed fire before but want to go deeper into the safety aspect and explore different possibilities you can achieve with this amazing art.

You will get the following:

  • A pair of professional handmade fire-eating torches worth $80
  • Four months of access to Lior’s online Fire Mastermind group (normally valued at $400 ), which includes a follow-up Zoom call 3 times a month, access to a community of like-minded fire benders, and a lot more perks and benefits
  • A Fire breathing workshop.
  • A special treat- Lior’s fire magic lesson – learn how to add wow to your fire.
  • A follow-up online lesson that usually costs $500! This lesson is an opportunity for you to advance on everything you learned during the workshop.

No experience is necessary.

 On Day 3 – after you become a dragon and breath fire like in the movies 

Grant will facilitate the grand finale of the weekend.

Taking you through two of the most extreme empowerment activities known to mankind.


The board break workshop isn’t only for trained martial artists but also for people like you. You’ll develop focus, precision, and control, as well as demonstrate the power and discipline that you need as you soar in your performances.


This life-altering exercise allows you to confront your fears and overcome limiting beliefs, build focus and concentration, strengthen resilience, and achieve other physical and mental health benefits.


 In this one of a kind immersion event you get one meal a day and overnight camping spots available on site (with indoor alternative if needed) and


*a list of available local hotels will be sent when purchased a ticket if preferred 

All of these amazing goodies, on top of the first two day activities – brings the total to OVER $3000. 

But you can get it all for $1479

or 24 payments of  $65

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