Southen California

are you ready to be set on fire?

Master the Art of Fire with Lior Littman

On December 9th-10th

Lior Littman is coming to Southern California on December 9th and 10th to teach you his famous fire masterclass! In a spectacular show, you’ll learn everything about the nitty-gritty of Fire-eating, fire-breathing, and a lot more!

This workshop is the missing piece that will set anyone on the right path to professionalism.

Fire-eating is an amazing and captivating skill that will make you the star of any party. But it’s not just about looking cool and HOT – it’s also about understanding how to control fire and produce a one-of-a-kind performance your audience can’t get enough of.

Fire eating is an art form that takes years of practice to master, but with just a few days, you can get started on your way toward total mastery.

This is your chance to gain insider knowledge from one of the world’s top Fire-eating instructors and learn how it’s done.

Don’t miss out!


A full-day experience of advanced fire-eating techniques together with the level one experience.

Learn basic fire eating, how to jellyfish, Vapor tricks fire bubbles, and simple combos that will amaze every audience!


Get all the benefits of level 1.0 plus an extra day of learning fire breathing and fire magic!. But wait, there’s more! You get access to an abundance of online materials and other resources from Lior.



Everything from level 1&2 plus the revolutionary technology and training that will take your fire business to the next level from zero to nuclear. – meant for the serious professionals 


Level 1.0

The Famous Masteclass

Welcome to the Fire Masterclass.

A full-day experience of learning fire-eating techniques together in the most fun and safe way possible.

Discover the three fundamental moves that makeup 90% of all fire-eating tricks.


You will get all the necessary safety information when dealing with the fire professionally and understand how to control fire.

You will learn advanced fire-eating techniques. Not only will you learn how to eat fire like a pro but also how to perform vapor tricks and combos that will amaze every audience with ease.

You will even learn how to make and play with fire bubbles without spending hundreds of dollars on gear.

We’ll also cover the routine building and combo creation so that you can put on a truly impressive show.

In addition to the workshop, you will get a private one-on-one online follow-up session with Lior where you can go over anything you have questions about

From safety – to techniques and even build a roadmap for your journey as a professional fire performer (and take your business to the next level)

This workshop has limited spots, so book early to avoid disappointment, and of course, early birds get discounted prices.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best and take your fire-eating skills to new heights.

This level is limited to 7 participants, so you’ll get plenty of individualized attention.

Price for the Level 2 workshop is $797

The EARLY BIRD price is  $747

Save $140 – total of  $797  $657

Total of $747

*Intrest-free payment plan

Save $100 – total of  $797  $697

*Intrest-free payment plan

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Level 2.0

The Full Masterclass Experience: 2 days filled with fire.

Take a step a little further…

Are you ready to level up your fire art?

Then this is the workshop for you!

Lior is offering the most comprehensive workshop on fire arts available.

On Level 2.0  you’ll not only get all the benefits of the first level,

but you’ll also get a second day with Lior’s most comprehensive Fire Breathing Workshop- worth of 627 USD

that covers all safety aspects of one of the most dangerous and deadly arts a fire artist can learn.


The fire breathing workshop* is perfect for beginners who never breathed fire before and want to learn how to do it safely. and if you did breathe fire before but want to go more in-depth into the safety and different possibilities you can achieve with this amazing art this this for you too!

You will learn the secrets of fire magic with his unique fire magic class and get access to the exclusive Fire Mastermind group – a virtual support system that will take you to the next level with weekly zoom calls and lectures – help you become better as a fire eater – breather and a performer – helping you with anything from fire-safety and your business.

Helping members to book more gigs with higher pay, with systems and templates that will help you take your performing or any kind of fire business to the next level and make you a living. 


*Not sure if fire breathing is for you? contact Lior to discuss the alternatives! 

What will you get as part of the level 3 Masterclass?

Level 1+2 workshop (Value of $797)

A full day fire-eating workshop experience.

The most comprehensive Fire Breathing Workshop (Value of $627)

A 4-hour fire breathing workshop that will cover all the best safety practices and technique for safe and impressive fire breathing to wow any audience.

Access to the Fire Mastermind Group ($400 Value)

Get post workshop support for 4 months after the workshop – Get help with anything from fire safety to business coaching related questions.

Fire Magic workshop ($497 Value)

On the secound day of the workshop you will learn the secrets behind fire magic and you will get to add new fire effects to your shows.

Online Fire Safety Course ($97 Value)

All the relevant fire-eating safety knowledge – one click away – for you to always go back and review

Follow up online lesson ($497 Value)

Get an extra online lesson with Lior to level up your skills after the workshop!

a pair of professional handmade fire-eating torches ($150 Value)

Make sure you have the highest quality torches – included in the workshop! no need to order a pair of torches.

The "End to End Gig Hunting System by Ziv Raviv" ($497 Value)

Get access to the system Lior used to book a gig with comapanies like Google! taught by Ziv Raviv – Lior’s personal Business coach – includes all the templates and resources neccsary to close high paying gigs as a professional entertainer.

Social Media For Fire Performers by Sam Tobey Aka Flow Mayhem ($349 Value)

Learn the secrets of creating Viral content on social media from one of the most famous fire artist on the globe – Flow Mayhem.

"Build your act" Lecture by Katrina Louise ($349 Value)

A class about building your act by an international fire performer and aerialist – Katrina Louise.

"Showmanship and Stage Presence" by Vixen Deville ($349 Value)

Vixen DeVille is an award-winning, multi-talented, international Variety Burlesque performer – and she will teach you the principals and secrets that will take you showmanship and stage presence to the next level!

"Fire Photography" by Alon Levin ($349 Value)

Alon Levin – an international award-winning concert and fire photographer – regularly works with some of the biggest names in the world –  will goover how to get good footage – for you to use as a performer – both for art and commercial use – how to work and find good photographers. 

what makes a good fire photo

How to communicate with them to get the best quality fire photos.

and even how to use A.I to get inspired for new fire art.

Total value of $4958!

And you can get it all for the full price of $1,397.


The EARLY BIRD price is $1297

So Sign up now with the early bird price and save!

Save $289 – total of  $1,400  $1,111


Save $100 – total of $1,300

*Intrest-free payment plan

Save $180 – total of  $1,400  $1,220

*Intrest-free payment plan

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Should You Learn Fire Breathing?

Understanding the Key Steps in Fire Performance Mastery

“ I really want to get all the benefits of level 2.0 and go all in – but I’m not sure if I want to learn fire breathing” – I get this message more often than you think

If that’s a concern you might have – here’s what I think:

The real question is – what is your goal?

Are you just doing it for fun and not sure-fire breathing is for you?

Or do you want to be a professional?

If you see yourself as a professional or on the path of becoming one – joining the full level and learning fire breathing is a must – even if you never want to perform it or even try it, Let me explain 

As a professional – in any field – you have the responsibility to know more than what you specialize in, Let’s say you are getting hired for a gig and there’s a fire-breather there – or you want to hire a fire-breather to a show you are producing – can you tell if they are professional or even safe? 

The fire breathing lesson will teach you everything you need to know including the minimum necessary to include fire breathing safely – and the highest standards of world-class professionals.

Many fire artists joined The Fire Breathing Lesson with the intention of not even doing it – just to gain knowledge about the safety of fire breathing and level up their career as fire performers. 

So yes – besides all the crazy bonuses of level 2.0 – the Fire breathing is an important step to achieve fire mastery – even if you never want to breath flames while shouting drakaris to the audience.

What is Fire MMG?

Elevating Your Fire Performance to New Heights

The group is really amazing! I can't see myself cancelling the subscription.... At night when I'm done with work and I Usually watch TV but instead now I watch the MMG recordings! I haven't watch TV in a week and a half now!

Alycia Betts , BC Canada

The Fire Mastermind Group (MMG) is an exclusive community designed for fire performers looking to elevate their craft and career.

 By joining, you will feel supported by a world wide community of fire eaters and artists,  gain access to a wealth of resources, including three monthly Zoom meetings with Lior, where you will receive personalized guidance and feedback.

 The group offers a continuous learning experience with new challenges, techniques, and tips on fire eating and fire arts, even after masterclass completion. 

You will benefit from the collective wisdom of the group, expert guest speakers, and advice on business and social media strategies to enhance your profitability and success in the fire performance industry. 

The MMG is a hub for those passionate about fire arts to connect, grow, and thrive together, with the flexibility to cancel at any time.


*When you sign up for level 2.0 – you get instant access to the MMG and all the past call recordings 

“As an Artist, community is the most important resource. MMG is the only place where I know this happens. Being part of the conversation is amazing. No matter ones level of experience there is always something to learn and contribute. Lior always brings a fun attitude and a ton of insight from first hand experience. Resulting in a One of a Kind Learning Environment for this Art Form. Seriously… One of a Kind.” -

Carlos Bautista , NYC

“The zoom calls are probably my favorite part because being among people like myself who have questions about things I may have never thought of gives me answers and tips that I didn't know I needed. The whole MMG is great and an extremely helpful resource for fire performers”

Eric Lotz ,NJ

“Getting to have community with other fire performers, ask advice, share stories, review workshop material, and everything else we do together has made for a phenomenal experience. Having this group has been so helpful and it's great getting to connect with others from around the world.”

Rebecca Dubois, NH

The secret level

Already can do the basics and want to level up to get the status of a high tech fire eater and vapor tricks manipulator?

Allow me to quitly share with you the secrel level

Honestly – this is probably isn’t for you, 

This is for a select number of fire-eaters who already learned and mastered the basics in previous masterclasses and are coming back for more

This level is for those who already have good understanding of vapor tricks and jellyfishes – and are ready to level up 

We will cover the parachute (jellyfish to pressure candle)

We will learn how to shot multiple fireballs 

Pull a pressure candle into a cauldrone (hide a live flame in your mouth)

And we will combine all of these together to a combo only the elite fire eaters perform with. 

The only way to join the secret level is by contacting Lior directly and demonstrating your skills.

If you never took Lior’s workshop before – then most likely, this is not for you

If you are sure that this is the level you belong in-Fill up the form below and Lior will contact you shortly!

Also Included

The Busy Fire Performer Paradox

How to maintain business-safety while becoming the hottest entertainer in town

We fire performers knows how to deal with raw energy that is considered dangerous, unexpected and surprising. And we know our materials – what will ignite the fire, let it burn fast or slow and how to keep our audience safe in all sorts of weathers. 

And if not – you will after the fire masterclass

But when it comes to our businesses – it’s not as simple as use white gas on this social media platform or get this juggling stick / wand / insert prop name here / on your business card to get higher income clients.

And the worst part… is not knowing where to even start. 

You have tried to wing it. It didn’t work.

You have tried to believe it’s impossible to actually make money from this side hustle. And yet you are reading this as we speak knowing that there is a way – a system – a way to juggle all the fire balls of business – safely and professionally.

If you head spins from figuring out leads, sales funnels, quotes, contracts, website, social media presence, negotiations, follow ups, pricing and alot more, than here me out…

The solution to all of these problems is simple

What is Lit-Fusion?

A Software for Fire Performers - Made by Fire Performers

Lit-Fusion is a one-stop shop for all of your business needs – from getting your first leads and booking gigs – to raising your prices, and building your website – automating the sales process to optimize the opportunity to get every gig that comes up your way.

Lit-Fusion has a built-in system that has you and your clients in mind – with a simple sales process that anyone can master – and it’s also fully customisable.

Integrated with AI to ensure you can have free time to rest and focus on what you actually care about – your art.

What will you get from having Lit-Fusion as your system?

Build your website in less than a day vs months – using the power of AI and our converting templates 

Maximize the speed to lead ( research shows a 900% improved sale rate when you are able to contact anyone who is interested in your service in less than 5 minutes – how about automating it to less than 30 seconds?

You will get your own business phone number and we’ll guide you on how to set up a professional email address and take your sales process to a whole new level – where you are actually creating a relationship with your clients and get you booked again and again.

Send contracts, send invoices – ask for testimonials and reviews all automatically and even through an app on your phone!


*Lit fusion also has some hidden features that are meant for teachers and instructors – As I am using it myself when marketing my workshops- so if you also teach for a living – this is extra relevant for you! 

Lit fusion not only saves you time – it also saves you money!

Here’s the table of the average cost of the services that offer everything I mentioned:

To get all these features separately – and patching a system together via automation services (that will only cost you more and are open to more hiccups ) 

And you get everything that is mentioned above.

So instead of paying 2279 USD a month…

Lit-Fusion starts at only

297 USD monthly!


But wait…

“what does this have to do with the fire masterclass?”

I hear you ask

Very simple:

Level 3.

Level 3.0

This level is made for the serious ones – who don’t only want to be professional…

But actually want to do this for a living.

With level 3.0 - you get everything from level 2.0 ( and 1.0) - 5665 USD Value

Plus a total of 12 months of Lit-Fusion! 3564 USD Value – instead of 27348 USD 

12 months of the Fire Mastermind Group 1200 Value 

Total of 3 one-on-one online follow-up sessions with Lior 1881 USD value 
A full professional gear kit for the fire performer – including – an extra pair of hand made fire eating torches (2 pairs in total)  300 USD value

A fire-breathing torch 50 USD value 

2 fire safety blankets  50 USD value 

 An online course covering everything we learned in the workshop ( and a lot more)  to always go back to  897 USD value 

Biz checklist – what are the things you want and need – what is urgent and what is important?

The Fire Blueprint – from Zero to Hero 

    A step by step guide of setting up your business for success. With the following modules:

    • The ground work- setting everything up from the start to insure healthy growth proccess 
    • Websiteing 101 – getting started with your website – how to structure it 
    • How to start designing your website ( with premade templates) 
    • What media should you invest in getting for your business and website
    • What is the minimal assets you should invest in ?
    • Setting up your marketing engine – what is the journey your client goes through and how you can offer your services to make it a smoother decision for them to hire you
    • Fueling the engine – the 2 best ways to start getting leads for your shows (including all the templates you need) 
    • Closing the deal – how to make sure you not only get the gig – but paid what you deserve.
      (the method that got my students getting anyware from 60% more from the clients budget and up to 10 times what clients paid them for previous shows- True story)

    The purpose of this course is to get you results fast. While growing your business in a healthy way.

    (And when I say results – I mean money)

    Value of 1997 USD 

    * online courses are under construction right now and will be made availeble soon

    Total value of $37,888!

    What if I told you – that if you sign up today to the Masterclass 3.0 – you get it ALL for only 4,997 USD?

    That would be a steal.


    The price of the Level 3.0 today – is only

    2997 USD!

    Sign up today and get instant access to the software and al the materials ( including the calls with Lior ) 

    Or Sign up now with the early bird price and save!

    Save $500 – total of  $2997  $2497

    Followed with 12 payments of 150 USD

    A total of 2797 USD

    *Interest-free payment plan


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