want to set up a fire masterclass in your city?

In order to set up a workshop with Lior – there are several things that are important to have!

Lior has set up workshops all over the world – on a lot of different locations and is always happy to travel to a new location and meet new people!

In order for a workshop to take place – Lior needs to have these 3 things:

First – a venue – an indoor venue that is easily ventilated with basic facilities – that will be able to host a small group of people comfortably – and will allow us to light up fire indoors ( not big fire – it will all be controlled of course and safe) – sprinklers are alright but smoke alarms might be an issue. 

Lior is happy to have a chat with venue owners in order to make sure the venue is suitable for a safe workshop. 

secondly – Lior will need to know there are enough people interested for a workshop 0f course. that would depend on the nature of the workshop that is requested – so best described on the phone.

and lastly – a place to stay- Lior will need to have a place to stay during the time of the workshop – either cover the accommodation costs or host him in a close location. – all is very flexible and best discussed personally. 




so fill up your details below and set up the next masterclass near you now!