Template Masterclass Level 1.0 (5-Payments)

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This is your opportunity to get a full day experience with Lior to upgrade your fire skills to the next level!

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Want to move your fire-eating power up a notch?


It all comes down to sharpening your skills and making constant progress!


  • You'll learn advanced fire-eating techniques. Not only will you learn how to eat fire like a pro but also how to perform the three amazing vapor tricks - human candle, fireball, and pressure candle - and have a chance to learn advanced jellyfish techniques. 


  • This workshop also covers fire bubbles, in which participants learn how to set themselves and others on fire safety without prior experience.


  • Get valuable fire photography tips so you can capture your performances in all their blazing glory.


  • We'll also include the routine building and combo creation so that you can put on a truly impressive show.


  • And that's not all - you'll also get to see Lior's Magic Show and participate in a fun Fire Jam where you can practice everything you've learned with other participants. 


Don't miss this chance to learn from the best and take your fire-eating skills to new heights. 


Hurry – this workshop is limited to only 7 participants!