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There has to be more to this…

When we are planning an event, just like other things in life, we don’t just strive to make it a good one. We want to excel, to go to where no one has gone before. To do the impossible. That is why people go on ski trips, jump off airplanes and dare to change the world. But how can you do all of that without you taking all the risk on you? How can you make a decision to be bold, and yet to be safe all at the same time.
I am proud to present you with:

The “Outsider” Virtual show

An Impossible Experience, made possible through Zoom

Three signs this is exactly
what you need

Lior’s show includes impossible feats that connect the audience in ways that will be the talk of the office for many days
Lior treats everyone like they are VIPs. It’s not just first row service, it’s also A grade mind reading stunts that make you say WHAAAAA
Lior helps you fill up the company’s slack channel with smiles, emojis and compliments – your employees will have so much fun!

Get the most mind blowing experience from the comfort of your home-office!

3 optional packages

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“The show was so great! Thank you so much- It was incredible! “

Alon Levin

“I was blown away by how much fun his show was, because it not just about presenting tricks, instead he focuses on interaction and connection. He combined magic, mentalism, and storytelling in a way that was truly entertaining.”
Krystin Railing

Founder of the Performer’s Guide

“Everyone enjoyed the Christmas show- It was lots of fun! Thank you!”

Karen Troman

“Great show! Blow my mind!”

Stephen Shay

”What a great performer! I would encourage anyone to watch the show and get their mind messed around with!”

Caryl Atkinson


Deep inside you know – adding mystery to your event is going to make some powerful memories to the people you love. Adding a dose of impossible to your virtual event is what Lior is all about.

For a limited time… you can actually now book Lior’s highly acclaimed virtual show, Outsider, and astonish your audience with his amazing mental skills.

The show Outsider is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy if:

Your employees are on an airplane and it is about to take off
There is an earthquake happening, like right now,
and you need to find cover
Your internet connection is based on a dial up modem and a 64k commodore
Your budget is so low you expect Lior to pay for the pleasure of entertaining your team
You will gain nothing by having everyone start being way more motivated at work
Your boss instructed you to specifically hire David Copperfield

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