The firemasterclass that changed everything

the 2022 USA fire tour is coming to your city!

We were always taught not to play with fire- simply because we never knew
just how fun it can really be 😉

We introduce the famous Fire masterclass by Lior Littman

Get the chance to learn the secrets behind his world-renowned fire-eating skills – In the most PROFESSIONAL, FUN, and SAFE way possible!

After learning fire eating from Lior – Rhiana Diangelo – a fire performer from Los Angeles – used her skills to launch a career as a fire performer and dancer.

When she got booked to perform at the birthday of famous rapper, Lil Nas – she got super excited and decided to bring her A game.

During her performance – she used all her skills as a performer – including her famous hoop dancing – fans and several fire props – and of course, she also did her fire-eating routine.

After the show, she was approached by the audience that kept calling her the fire eater.

That’s how EVERYONE remembered her.

When they asked for her business card.

Fire eating is the closest thing we have to real magic. And when done properly – will leave a mark in
all of the minds of your audience, forever.

Learn fire eating with Lior littman – and take yourself to the next level!

choose the workshop near you!

Atlanta, Georgia

August 5th-6th 

Grand Rapids, Michigan

September 2nd-3rd

Montreal, Canada

August 19-20

New York City,NY

August 12-13 (SOLD OUT)

Portland ,Oregon

Coming Soon

Tampa, FL

July 15-16

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Imagine that you were able to:

Extinguish a burning torch with your bare hands without getting burned

Extinguish a torch with nothing but your mouth (that’s right!) and then light a second torch like a human dragon!

Eat fire in the most extraordinary way that will leave your audience cheering over and over again!

manipulate fire, like a true fire wizard! being able to control it and play with flames like never before!

Hey There! Lior here.

Things are getting exciting! I won’t just unveil all of the tricks mentioned above. I’ll also share the best-kept secrets of my path to success during the fire workshop!

And if you’re skeptical about trying out the fire-related activities, don’t worry, because I make sure to always follow all the safety protocols to make it as safe as possible!

You’ll also get the chance to learn how to capture your audience’s attention and be showered with praises and well-deserved applause!

The workshops are limited to only a handful of participants to keep all the safety standards and ensure everyone gets personal guidance and the most value.

All these things are possible to do in the workshop without even dying! (or seriously hurting yourself).

Lior will provide you with all the guidelines and principles you need to
play safely with fire.

Safely eat fire.

Safely touch an open flame.

And most importantly - safely create an extraordinary experience for your cheering crowd.

You will learn what professionals do to maintain health and safety and you will be able to eat fire on the same day.

How cool is that? Anyone can add fire to their performance effortlessly and safely.

We created the workshop from several lessons.

It has a limited number of spots for health and safety reasons. But one thing is for sure…

At the end of it, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to play with fire safety and incorporate it into your show!

 No fire experience necessary!

No fire experience is necessary to attend the workshop, but also experienced performers will learn a lot.

The workshop will deal with the fear of fire and offers the chance to learn from a professional how to eat and breathe fire safely.

The group provides a safe environment for 1-on-1 learning with Lior.

The workshop is suited to performers looking to add more spice and fire to their shows-
Whether it’s a magic show, a circus act, or even if you are already a fire performer and want to take it to the next level, this is for you.

After all, every show needs a grand finale! And every grand finale is more remarkable when you add fire to it!

And as mentioned before, you need zero experience to join – the workshop is suitable for anyone looking to add real magic to their lives! As the fire added to mine!

Watch Lior Littman’s Fire videos, and you’ll never look at the fire the same way again.

Lior is a man of many talents. As someone whose career spans many different fields, as a magician/mentalist, he can do all sorts of impressive tricks. He is also a trained fire stuntman that always finds ways to creatively set himself on fire just like in the movies – safley.

Lior trained with some of the best performers and experts in his field, and you will get all of the knowledge he learned in his best-selling workshops.

He has taught various people, from the performers of Cirque du Soleil to those in other areas such as magic, mentalism, hypnosis, and burlesque performance art, to name a few!

He has taught fire workshops worldwide. As an instructor, Lior specializes in spreading knowledge about how to work with fire safely and creatively throughout his travels across Asia, Europe, and America.

You will get to learn and train with an international fire instructor. The training you will get is guaranteed to be one of the best.

You won’t only have a chance to be amazed by his stunning sire skills, but you will also have the opportunity to learn from him.



So what will we learn?

Three main parts to the workshop:

Health and safety

How not to die when playing with fire.

Fire eating

an in-depth lesson with all the techniques and guidelines that will let us bend fire like the greatest fire wizards and dragons worldwide.

How to do it with STYLE

while getting your audience’s attention and applause.

So spoil yourself in a HOT experience


Jan Becker is one of Europe’s most prolific entertainers on stage, on TV, radio, and online.
He began as a variety show performer and is now a 9-time best-selling German author on subjects
that include psychology, personal development, and wonder.

Check out Lior’s past workshops


 from Cirque du Soleil went to Lior’s workshop;
here is her experience.


 a famous fire performer took Lior’s workshop.

” seriously – the best day of my life!”

Emily Kogan
Cirque du Soleil performer

Hear from Lior’s students!

“I met Lior at the LA Burn Club, and he taught me fire-eating skills that helped launch my fire-eating career as a performer. I had a solid understanding of basic fire-eating tricks, but Lior taught me all the ins and outs of fire-eating and fire safety. Learning from Lior was one of the most positive, fun, and empowering experiences I’ve had in my entire LIFE.”

Rhianah Harleigh D’Angelo

“I would not be where I am today in my fire-eating journey if it weren’t for Lior!! He is so incredibly skilled at what he does, both in his craft and in his teaching. Lior is one of the best fire performers I know and is an even better instructor. Learning from him is an amazing experience!”

Natalie Lahey

“I wanted to deepen my fire-eating knowledge with a private lesson. As a performer – I loved the emphasis on showmanship and the attention to detail in every step. Lior breaks down the tricks and maneuvers to their most basic form with incredible dedication in a way that helps me perform them correctly and with ease. I recommend Lior to any artist and performer who wants to hone their craft, elevate their stage presence and commit to improving in the same level of dedication and professionalism as Lior.”

Yael Di

Become a fire wizard today! Join one of Lior’s upcoming workshops NOW!

choose the workshop near you!

Atlanta, Georgia

August 5th-6th 

Grand Rapids, Michigan

September 2nd-3rd

Montreal, Canada

August 19-20

New York City,NY

August 12-13 (SOLD OUT)

Portland ,Oregon

Coming Soon

Tampa, FL

July 15-16

want a workshop in your city?

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is the workshop dangerous?

 Dealing with a fire is always tricky and should never be tried alone or without professional guidance. But by attending Lior’s workshops, you can be assured that all safety measures are being taken care of, and you will learn everything necessary from a professional to minimize the risks of this type of work.

Are the spots limited?

Yes. All the workshops have a limited number of spots – to ensure the highest quality of teaching and utmost safety. Lior ensures every one of you will get his guidance for every part of the workshop. 


Is the workshop suitable for everyone?

The workshops are suitable for anyone over 18 years old with or without prior experience. Even if you are afraid of fire – we can work together to help you overcome any mental blocks regarding the fire. Many students come to Lior’s workshops feeling scared and doubtful. But they leave feeling empowered and making progress despite their fears.

I can already extinguish a torch in my mouth (a friend showed me/ I Learned from YouTube). Will I learn anything new?

 Fire eating is a title for the whole art of fire manipulation. With the correct technique that Lior will teach you, you will get a solid foundation for progress and improve on your own. You will learn various tricks very different from just extinguishing a torch in your mouth.  Lior has had countless students with prior experience who leveled up tremendously during and after attending Lior’s workshops.

Will I be able to perform these skills right away?

 Several performers have used their newly acquired skills immediately (even on the same day ). Assuming that you practice and apply everything you’ll learn from the workshop, you’ll be able to step up. Basic moves and tricks will be part of your arsenal after the workshop!


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