Lior’s mini fire-masterclass
is coming to Berlin
march 12th-13th

  this time in collabration with 2 world record holder – Flor ex peels


We were always taught to stay away from fire – because no one knew just how much fun it is to play with it 😉

This is your chance to learn the secrets behind fire-eating – on Lior Littman’s famous workshops! 

Imagine that you were able to:

Extinguish a burning torch with your bare hands without getting burned
Extinguish a torch with nothing but your mouth (that’s right!) and then light a second torch like a human dragon!
Eating fire in the most extraordinary way that will leave your audience cheering over and over again!
Manipulate flames like the greatest fire wizards and dragons!

Breath fire like a real life DRAGON!

Flor Expeels is two times world record holder for now.
(We say for now because this is only the beginning!)

Performing the most astonishing acts of danger with fire – he will be teaching you how to breathe fire the right way – with all the safety necessary – this is your chance to learn from the best!

The confirmed world records are:
Ⅰ World record breathing fire from nose torch/ blockhead
Ⅱ Guinness world record of most consecutive flames blown during full body burn.

I am revealing all of the above (and more) In my fire workshops!

From health and safety – to techniques and performing tips – we cover it all.

I will teach you how to steal all of the audience’s attention and be granted well deserved applause!

Lior’s workshops are limited to a handful of participants – In order to keep all the safety standards and making sure everyone gets personal guidance and most value.

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Fire Workshops!
In the workshop we will learn all the guidelines and principles to play safely with fire – without dying!
How to eat Fire
How to touch an open flame
and stay alive to tell about it
And most important – how to create a magical experience to your audience
We will learn professional secrets for health and safety – so you’ll be able to eat fire on the same day. How cool is that? 
You will be able to perform the tricks we learn, guaranteed.
The workshop is built from a number of lessons. and has limited spots for health and safety reasons.
But one thing is for sure! At the end of it- you will have all the tools
and knowledge so you can play with fire safely and incorporate it
in your show in the most pure and safe way possible!

No Fire experience necessary!

The workshop is suited for performers who are looking to add more spice and fire to their shows! Whether it’s a magic show – a circus act and even if you already have fire in your show and you want to take it to the next level! After all- every show need a grand finale! And every grand finale is greater when you add fire to it!

And besides that- You need zero experience with fire to join- the workshop is for anyone looking to add real magic to their lives! As the Fire added to mine!


Three main parts to the workshop:

Health and Safety

how not to die when
playing with fire.

Fire eating & breathing

in depth lesson with all the techniques and guidelines that will let us bend fire like the greatest fire wizards and dragons around the world.


Adding fire is awesome – but how to make it even better on stage with proper presentation and performance 

So spoil yourself in
a HOT experience

 photos from lior’s past workshops

amanda grant from cirque du soleil 


went to lior’s workshop

here is her experience: 

some of lior’s students

Rhianah Harleigh D’Angelo

“I met Lior at LA Burn Club & he taught me fire eating skills that helped launch my fire eating career as a performer. I had a solid understanding of basic fire eating tricks, but Lior taught me all the ins & outs of fire eating & fire safety. Learning from Lior was one of the most positive, fun, & empowering experiences I’ve had in my entire LIFE.”

Natalie Lahey

“I would not be where I am today in my fire eating journey if it weren’t for Lior!! He is so incredibly skilled at what he does, both in his own craft and in his teaching. Lior is one of the best fire performers I know and is an even better an instructor. Learning from him is an amazing experience!”

Yael Di

“I wanted to deepen my fire eating knowledge with a private lesson . As a performer – I loved the emphasis on showmanship and the attention to detail in every step.
Lior breaks down the tricks and manoeuvres to their most basic form with an incredible amount of dedication, in a way that helps me perform them correctly and with ease.
I recommend Lior to any artist and performer who want to hone in their craft, elevate their stage presence and commit to improving in the same level of dedication and professionalism as Lior.”

This is your opportunity to join Lior’s Mini Masterclass.


A 5 hour Journey that will teach you everything you need to know in order to Add fire-eating to your list of skills – by the end of it!

In the workshop – we start with a safety lecture – where you will understand the ins and outs of how fire works and how to analyze the risks and be ready to deal with anything that might go wrong.

Then we will go into the science behind fire and how to use it to our advantage -and for our audience entertainment.

During the workshop each and every one of you will get one on one attention from Lior – to insure you feel 100% confident and safe when first learning and practicing. – even if you only light fire on birthday cakes – you will get the opportunity to overcome fears and get your fire journey to begin – the right way.

If you have experience with fire and no fear – you will get deeper knowledge and understanding of how to take your skills to the next level!

In the Mini Masterclass – you not only learn tricks – you will learn the principles behind how a professional fire eater thinks – and how to progress to advanced tricks safely and develop your own style and show.

Most people pay Lior 1000 Euro to learn Fire-eating from him .

But YOU have the chance to sign up now to his Upcoming Mini Workshop –

On March 13th – where the price is only 299 Euro.

And for the first workshop – for a limited time – ONLY 180 Euro for a one day workshop!

 Flor’s fire breathing workshop will take place on March 12th and will also be 180 Euro 

If you are like me – you want to learn every thing the best way possible – that’s why if you sign up for both workshops – you will only pay 320 Euros!  

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Before the workshop, you will receive an email with all the details and requirements.

 Due to covid Torches will not be provided during the workshop – we recommend you bring your own or contact Lior to purchase a pair of professional fire eating torches.

Payment plan options are available as well – Contact Lior now to get help regarding that (no special fees or interest )

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